Sebastian Pietschner - Developer and Student

My personal site that I use to develop and share new skills and projects.


Discord and Its Bots

Dec 5th 2021

Over the past few days I've spent time writing Discord bots...

Drone CI/CD

Oct 30th 2021

An amazingly simple selfhostable CI/CD system.

Frigate NVR

Oct 15th 2021

The future of open-source home security.

KeystoneJS and NextJS

Oct 11th 2021

Why KeystoneJS is the perfect CMS.

Snowpack and React

Jun 2nd 2021

Snowpack is lightning fast but is it ready for prime time?

Home Assistant and Zigbee

Jun 2nd 2021

The issues and cool discoveries I've had setting up Zigbee with Home Assistant.

My NextJS Impressions

Mar 18th 2021

Recently I've been working with NextJS on some projects, here's what I think.

Next Invoice

Mar 16th 2021

An invoicing solution built with NextJS and Stripe.

Working with Gatsby

Oct 5th 2020

My first larger project, built with GatsbyJS.

My Experience with WSL2 and Docker

Oct 5th 2020

Exploring the possibilities of linux + windows.

My 3D Printing Experience a year and a half later

Oct 5th 2020

Quick post describing the upgrades I have done to my 3D printer.

My Experience with Highschool Robotics

Feb 18th 2020

Figuring out robotics as a highschool student.

Getting My First 3D Printer

Feb 8th 2019

A blog post describing my experiences getting a 3D printer.